Kaweeta w/ President George Bush Sr.                                     
                                       Kaweeta w/ President George Bush Sr.




                             has her very own wine tester
                             She says she can do anything
                            to her baby - Mr. Baily Lee
                               he's putty for her.
                               see below the latest
                             posses she put him in.     


                                       Kaweeta & Family
                          Some family & more pics

                                       Glenn, Kaweeta and Vi

             kaweeta some family
                  Family: Bill, Mom, Ken

                                        kaweeta & Babies
                                       kaweeta  with her Babbies 
                            "Bailey and Sissy Sue"

                        Kaweeta & Pappy
                                            Kaweeta Bow Hunting w/Pappy

                                    kaweeta FishSculpture
                                      Just working a Sculpture

                             Kaweeta Painting FishP
                               Just working on a paiting



                                     Kaweeta in Gold

                                 Actor: Patrick Kilpatrick
              kaweeta w/Joe
                                kaweeta & son Joe

                                     Just playing games with family

                       kaweeta working on Sculptur
                                Kaweeta traveling by air -  Incognito "not"


                   Kaweeta w Pappy
         Kaweeta w her Pappy

                           Brandon - Kaweeta - Joe

                                    kaweeta Carol and Glen
                                       Carol and Glen Family


                               Kaweets Mom (Donna)
                          wishing you all well.  



                        Valerie new owner of Mix It Up artwork

                           kaweeta in Black Hat

                              Kaweeta and Melody
                                     Kaweeta and Melody

                                   kaweeta playing in snow again dragon



- - Scroll Down - To See Photos - Below - -

*  Just some fun pic from kaweetas album  *

Kaweetas MOM working on Sculpture for kaweeta.com

Kaweeta & Mom

~ My Mom and she is my best friend to ~
when i grow up i want to be a sweet as she is

Kaweeta and  Erik Estrada

 ~ Actor Erik Estrada and Kaweeeta ~

kaweeta w/Major General Norman Schwarzkopf

    ~ Major General Norman Schwarzkopf ~
kaweeta & some of her Paintings

Kaweeta by some of her Artwork's

kaweeta & John Banovich

Artists: kaweeta wth
other Artists: John Banovich

Kaweeta & Robert Wyland  Hawaii

 ~ Artist:Kaweeta and
Artists:Robert Wyland in Hawaii

kaweeta doing custom glass etching on a van for client

 ~ Just finished some Glass Etchings ~

Glass Echting a Shower door for client

~ kaweeta has been doing the UFO T-shirts ~
For some time now 
Each year in MAY

THIS YEAR IT WILL BE MAY 18 th Satuarday

Artistic artwork Alien and Ships
will be on this year UFO T-shirts

Kaweeta will be there on May 18
Signing the T-shirts and other artwork
See 2013 image below,

The UFO Festavial is the 2nd largest in the country
come see kaweeta at the UFO Event
(3rd and Evens In McMinnville Oregon, 97128)

Below is other Imaegs for T-shirts

Kaweeta will be signing  T-shirt for you May 19th

Some of Kaweetas fans at the UFO Show

Just one of kaweetas Customers
 that had just bought a hand painted silk scarf

Kaweeta w/BIG HAT


  Kaweetas hunt in NZ "RED STAGE"
Left handed 257 Wby. Mag - one shot over 450 yards away uphill

Kaweeta just having fun in the snow
making a snow Lion

kaweeta close up pink

kaweeta working at her other job not afraid to get her hand durty

Kaweeta with Husband Glenn

Check back for new pics

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